Dear Parents,

As we embark on the information and communication age world, education has changed from the curriculum, courses offered, teaching methods, and strategies. One conspicuous change is the alternative mode of delivery of instructions.

In a typical or conventional classroom, the teacher usually gives information to a group of learners (class) and provides a quiz, test, and recitation to measure the students’ understanding of the subject matter. But now, there is a current mode of learning which is now widely accepted by society, Homeschooling.

In Homeschooling, you, dear parents, take the place of the classroom teacher. You are in charge of your child’s learning development and performance grading.

Our institution will provide you with the necessary instructions and strategies through preliminary orientations, written guidelines, online or face-to-face seminars, and forums. This interaction will continue along the process via telephone, internet and e-mail services, video podcasts, and on this website.

Your children will gain the formal learning they deserve through our homeschool-designed processes, curriculum, lesson & study guides, topic outlines, and instructional materials; your children will gain the proper education they deserve. All our materials conform with the minimum and desired competencies of Basic Education.

Rest assured, our partnership will provide self-paced and exciting learning opportunities to your child through a non-conventional mode of delivery. Furthermore, this learning delivery model will practically cut transportation costs, uniforms, other school supplies, and other expenses of your child’s learning process.

For more questions and information you need about Homeschooling, navigate to this website, or you can communicate with us through the numbers and e-mails provided in our profile.

We are looking forward to seeing you as our partners. Thank you!

Very Truly Yours,


Chief Executive Officer