Research studies have established that the critical years in a child’s life are from birth to six years of age. Essential character, values, abilities, personality, skills, aptitude, attitudes, and knowledge form during these vital years. These qualities, when adequately developed, shape the individual’s overall perspective and preparedness for life. Studies have confirmed that the experiences and the learning that preschool children undergo during the first six years of their life have a lasting effect on their intellectual development and the development of their social and physical skills.

Homeschooling Program provides an alternative delivery system in honing the critical years of every child, who, for some reason or other circumstances, cannot avail of the formal instruction in a traditional school. Every individual is unique. Thus, Homeschooling addresses students’ differences. It recognizes various learning styles and special needs. As the government’s lead agency in primary education, the Education Department should acknowledge these realities. A way to articulate and concretize its recognition of the realities is the legalization and implementation of Homeschooling, aside from the traditional schooling program.

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Homeschooling is the umbrella term for the alternative practice of formally educating children and youth at home. It is an alternative because of two prevalent conditions: the whole process of education in Homeschooling does not happen solely within the confines of the school physical plant, and this practice is for individuals who cannot avail of …

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Humanity has long recognized the rights of children to enjoy special protection and opportunities for physical, mental, spiritual, moral, and social development. Nations and states are obliged to provide a situation where there is freedom and dignity to allow the full development of the youth. In the Philippines, an enabling law called the Child, and …

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What is Homeschooling Home Education is one manner of practicing homeschooling where the parent is the primary facilitator, exercising direct hand over the delivery of the whole educative process and the family‚Äôs home as its primary venue. (Incl. No.1 DECS Memo No. 216 S. 1997.) Homeschooling is the umbrella term for the alternative practice of …

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